We strive to provide Idaho's public with the most qualified professionals in the investigating field. In addition to conducting background checks on our active, associate, and affiliate members, we also verify their work experience. You may contact us to verify that any member listed is in good standing.

The Kit Group

Contact Information
Eagle, Idaho, United States 83616
Phone: 714-584-4925
General Information
Year Established: 2015


The KIT Group is a provider of integrated security and mission support services to government agencies, multinational corporations and non- governmental organizations worldwide. We offer a rapid response capability that supports our top-tier, global defense customers’ critical mission objectives. KIT holds clearance, private patrol operator's license.


We provide all-source intelligence services that support the US national security and foreign policy objectives. Our customers infuse KIT Group subject matter experts to conduct and produce tactical, multi-disciplinary, and strategic analysis. Our analysis capabilities include: SIGINT and HUMINT intelligence collection through All-Source/Targeting Analysts, Watch listing Analysts, DOMEX, Intelligence Analysts, and Specialists.


KIT Group Combative Training program builds on enhancing combat effectiveness, unit cohesion, and instilling personal confidence in stress-inoculated environments. We provide courses in Krav Maga, Hand to Hand fighting, Weapons Disarms, Airplane/ Bus/Vehicle, Offensive Edged Weapons, and Ground Combative Training. Management, equipment, facilities and materials for all forms of military combative training are set in dynamic and customer specific operational environments.


The KIT Group firearms training programs supply instructors with, weapons, munitions, shooting ranges and facilities, targets and supplies. Our team is comprised of military, law enforcement and civilian instructors. Our programs ensure that all personnel are effectively trained in firearms skills such as safety, nomenclature, functionality and maintenance, marksmanship fundamentals, weapons employment, and mental conditioning to use firearms.

Member Details
Investigation Specialties:
  • Accident & Injuries
  • Adultury & Infidelity
  • Asset Discovery
  • Background Checks
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Brand Protection & Theft
  • Child Custody
  • Computer & Internet Abuse
  • Concealed Weapons Training
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Criminal & Crime Scene
  • Domestic Cases
  • Elder Abuse & Fraud
  • Employee Theft & Fraud
  • Executive Protection
  • Fingerprinting
  • Identity Theft & Protection
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Locate & Skip Tracing
  • Missing Persons
  • Process Serving
  • Records Searches
  • Surveillance
  • Tenant Screenings
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Worker's Compensation