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Professional Members Of The Private Investigators Association Of Idaho Are Screened And Verified

Professional Members Of The Private Investigators Of Idaho Association

We strive to provide Idaho's public with the most qualified professionals in the investigating field. In addition to conducting background checks on our active, associate and affiliate members, we also verify their work experience. Though we maintain our roster, you may contact us to verify that any member listed is in good standing.
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Daniel Landis CPI
Board President
(208) 921-1861
Ben Pearson CPI
Board Vice President
(208) 949-1425
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Private Investigators For All Case Types Including Fraud, Judgement Collection, Infidelity, Child Custody, etc.
Active Private Investigator Members & Agencies
D.L. Investigating C.P.I.
Boise, Idaho
Steadfast Private Investigations C.P.I.

Boise, Idaho
Daniel R. Newman PIC

Emmett, Idaho
Idaho Security Professionals

Boise, Idaho
Quintana Investigations
MS Recoveries & Investigations LLC
Boise, Idaho
Cobra Investigations LLC
Nampa, Idaho
Conroy & Associates, Inc.
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Remnant Investigations
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Pocatello Private Investigations - Professional Private Detectives
Pocatello / Idaho Falls / Chubbuck / Blackfoot
Active private investigators conducting business in Idaho.
PIAI Associate Members
Individuals & firms currenly working in investigative, security or related fields.
Robert U. Alvarez - Private Investigator
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Dorian Bond - Bond Investigations

Phoenix, AZ
Joe Griffin - GT Investigations

Spokane, Washington
Clint Colvin - RIGroup LLC
Songer Investigations LLC
Vancouver, WA
PIAI Charter Members & Board of Directors
Thanks to those who have been instrumental in establishing professional standards for Idaho's private investigating industry.
Daniel Landis - President
Ben Pearson - Vice President
Adina Conroy - Secretary
John Temblador - Social Media Chair

James Quintana
Private Investigators Association Of Idaho Members Code of Conduct Text

PIAI Professional
Code Of Conduct

Upon being duly certified as a member of the Private Investigators Association of Idaho, I pledge:
To conduct myself in my profession with honesty, sincerity, integrity, fidelity, morality and good conscience in all dealings with my clients
To conduct all of my business and investigative activities within the bounds of legality, morality, and professional ethics
To counsel my clients against any illegal or unethical course of action
To explain to the full satisfaction of my clients all fees and charges in their case and to render a factual report
To retain my own professional reputation and that of my fellow investigators and professional associates
To support to the best of my ability the professional goals of the Private Investigators Association of Idaho , to contribute to better relations between my industry and the public; and through work and deed to elevate the status of the investigative profession
To encourage members of my profession and associates in my industry to adhere to this code of ethics
Above all to respect and communicate with other investigators within my state
PIAI Student Members
Kelly McMurrian
PIAI Affiliate Members
Individuals, suppliers, & businesses in allied fields or support services.
CWP Trainer - Concealed Weapons Training
Idaho - Oregon - Washington
The Private Investigators Association Of Idaho
Private Investigators Association Of Idaho
Upholding Professionalism and Integrity For Idaho's Private Investigating Industry
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